Adults only wedding invitation

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July 8, 2019
adults only wedding invitation

To allow all wedding guests, including parents, a night of relaxation and uninhibited revelry, we respectfully ask that no children attend the reception. Adults only please! To give all our guests the opportunity to celebrate without having to worry about little eyes and.

For some couples, thats means having an adults-only celebration. There are creative ways to put it politely on your wedding invitations. There could be a multitude of reasons not to invite children to your wedding.

Communicating an adults only wedding ceremony and reception is less about wording your wedding invitations and more about addressing them properly. There are ways to allude to an adult-only wedding in your wedding invitation wording without saying adults only or no children on the invitation itself, which can be considered distasteful by some.

В  while it may seem smart to write adults only or no kids or adult reception directly on your wedding invitation, its actually an etiquette faux-pas. Instead, address your invites envelope with the exact names of those who are invited to your wedding (obviously excluding the little ones).

But even with all that enthusiasm, writing adults only on the invitation isnt the right way to gothats what will upset the guests who want to bring their kids along, and theres a.

В  so how do you find the right wording for an adults- mostly wedding? We knew that we wanted the invitation wording to be the following courteous we thought it might sound a little cold or exclusive to write adults only directly on the invitation or rsvp card (and besides, it wouldnt apply to our mostly adults situation). We wanted to find wording that would be polite, inclusive, and.

Your wedding guest list is ultimately up to you, so if you want a child-free celebration, youre completely welcome to it (tons of couples choose to).

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В  if you dont plan to have an enclosure card sent along with your invitation, here is the proper wording for wedding invitations that let your guests know your event is going to be an adults-only affair casual wording sample for an adults-only wedding affair christina marshall and randy howe.

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